Our Dream: Kelly, Laird, Robby and Gerry all support Salt Crew on the same day!

If Kelly Slater, Laird Hamilton, Robby Naish and Gerry Lopez all supported us on the same day, well...

That's our goal to have a day like that!

It would truly be the Day of Days!

Imagine the impact to all of the listed charities! 

Yes, we are growing! More page views everyday...

And you don't have to be one of those guys to really help someone who needs it!

We are grateful for all of the support we get from everyone!

Please mention salt crew.org on Twitter, Facebook or link directly to our site. It's really a numbers game, the more people that see the links, the more people will participate!

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Please help Salt Crew spread the word!

The purpose of Salt Crew is to spread the word about surfer, surfing, SUP and ocean related charities. The end goal being to drive money and participation to the linked charities so that they can help those in need. Joining Salt Crew is easy, all you need to do is participate; click and give or get involved! Anything that you can do to promote the Salt Crew site will promote the charities sites. So take a moment and share our link with friends, Tweet, Facebook or link to our page. Most importantly click on a charity and participate today!

Thanks to Karen Wren, But­tons Kaluhiokalani and Larry Bertlemann for their encouragement and support!

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